Peer Review is a company dedicated to enhancing and adding value to the conference and training industry.

Established in the business hub of Dubai in 2015, Peer Review was borne of decades of experience within the conference and training industries, and the identification of a huge gap in the market:

The conference industry in the Middle East has become over saturated, and with over saturation so often comes a lack of direction, value and quality. Peer Review aims to revolutionise this with per-planned, solution-specific events, offering access to and bringing together the most brilliant minds from the relevant industries to augment the value of attending a conference.

We treat our clients and sponsors as partners, sharing ideas and collaborating to enhance their business model and make them a stronger force in the region.


We formulate Peer Review working groups and advisory boards, capitalising on our growing reputation and existing relationships with the very best in the industry. We make innovation and excellence our priority, and this is the result:

We provide first class events to help gain exposure to potential investors and key industry figures.


We provide tailored and specific training courses led by respected and experienced industry professionals.


We provide an extensive network of top professionals from multiple industries to provide a platform for sharing of ideas, lead generation, and long-term relationships.


It is our belief that excellence and quality have become overlooked in an industry that was once one of the most well-respected in the world. The first conference was held in the early 1800’s, based on bringing the right people together to do business, to learn from each other, and to forge long-term working relationships.

We want a return to these values, where providing memorable, worthwhile events with tangible benefits takes priority. The bar simply must be raised in the region, and this relates to every aspect of the industry; from the quality of even content, the simplification of complex topics and the overall servicing of clients and sponsors. This is why we are here.

Our standard is excellence.