Peer Review has redefined the approach to modern-day conferencing, while drawing he influence from the original values and objectives put in place by those that conceptualised the conference.

These values centred around bringing the very best minds within the specific sector or topic together to exchange ideas, fuse partnerships, debate the most prominent topics of the day, and to have the most respected figures in the industry as speakers, sponsors and genuine investors.

These values have become diluted over time, but Peer Review uses a unique approach to presenting a conference, which has heralded a return to value, quality and excellence.

Each conference has an advisory board that put forward topic and content ideas and ensure the highest quality. The name of the company – Peer Review – was influenced by this process.

All content is reviewed, assessed and approved by industry peers, and it is this process that provides the hallmark of quality for a Peer Review conference.

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  • Individually conceived and developed by conference industry experts and sector leaders
  • Attended by industry thought leaders and key players
  • Provide world-class networking opportunities and on-going dialogue for exchange of ideas
  • Showcase services and products, share ideas and experiences make valuable contacts for network development