Peer Review continues to support executive business managers in their pursuit for operational excellence and efficiency. We have developed a number of tailored training programmes focused on purposeful impact, utilising the in-depth knowledge of the most experienced, successful key figures within the relevant industries.

Our training courses provide a learning experience that, when implemented, generates positive change and tangible results. We have accumulated an extended network of the best professionals across sectors, making businesses better equipped to face all the challenges associated with their journey toward success.

Our courses are hosted by industry practitioners with the reputation and experience that means when they talk, people listen, and people understand. We provide the tools, the techniques, and most importantly the knowledge and solutions, to help businesses become sustainable and successful.


  • Course material is designed and taught by pioneering, expert practitioners
  • Unique training programs, affiliated with leading business universities
  • Latest interactive technology to provide hands-on learning experiences
  • Course attendees are provided with all the tools and techniques to be instantly implemented and improve their own business

Training courses are held at regular intervals across the GCC, based on a variety of forward-thinking business applications, including:

  • Big Data
  • Open Data
  • Data Science
  • Machine Learning
  • Predictive analytics